TEGAN AND SARA at the Palladium, LA

Tegan and Sara continued their Let’s Make Things Physical Tour on Tuesday at the Hollywood Palladium playing an energizing concert to a crowd of over 3,500 fans in support of Heartthrob. A pretty intense light set-up of strobe lights and heavy reds and blues didn’t make my job easy, but it was a lot of fun to photograph the band connect with the audience and the music. Waters supported Tegan and Sara as the opener and I grabbed a few nice shots of them too!

TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-1 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-3 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-4 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-5 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-2 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-6 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-7 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-8 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-9 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-10 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-11 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-12 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-13 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-14 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-15 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-16 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-17 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-18 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-19 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-20 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-21 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-22 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-23 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-24 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-25 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-26 TeganandSara@MathewTucciarone-27

Tegan and Sara Setlist Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA, USA 2014

Waters@MathewTucciarone-23 Waters@MathewTucciarone-22 Waters@MathewTucciarone-21 Waters@MathewTucciarone-20 Waters@MathewTucciarone-19 Waters@MathewTucciarone-18 Waters@MathewTucciarone-17 Waters@MathewTucciarone-16 Waters@MathewTucciarone-15 Waters@MathewTucciarone-14 Waters@MathewTucciarone-13 Waters@MathewTucciarone-12 Waters@MathewTucciarone-11 Waters@MathewTucciarone-10 Waters@MathewTucciarone-9 Waters@MathewTucciarone-8 Waters@MathewTucciarone-7 Waters@MathewTucciarone-6 Waters@MathewTucciarone-5 Waters@MathewTucciarone-4 Waters@MathewTucciarone-3 Waters@MathewTucciarone-2 Waters@MathewTucciarone

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