SCAVENGER HUNT at the Fonda Theatre, LA

It’s always a pleasure to spend a day with a band and illustrate what goes into preparing for a concert. I had the opportunity to do so again with Scavenger Hunt as they continued their west coast mini-tour with Capital Cities. A sold out crowd of 1,200 embraced the band as they performed songs from their self-titled EP “Scavenger Hunt” including “Lost” and “Dreamers.”

ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-4ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-2 ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-6ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-5ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-7 ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-8 ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-9 ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-10ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-12 ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-13 ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-14 ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-15ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-11ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-25ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-17ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-18ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-26 ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-19 ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-20ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-16ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-21ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-27 ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-22ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-23 ScavengerHunt©MathewTucciarone-24


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